Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It's so crazy how addicting social media can be. Just scrolling for countless moments on a screen to see what other people are doing, when ironically they are probably doing what you are doing and it becomes this big cycle of always being up to date. It's great, don't get me wrong, but those expectations to always be in the loop didn't seem to fit into my daily life anymore. 
A lot about fashion blogging is being able to share your thoughts about fashion and show everyone your newest outfits/favorite products. You share those blog posts through your social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) and hope it gets a response with your well-thought-out hashtags. People are professionals at this, they live for this, it's their job, and their passion. Reaching out to people through the internet has changed the game for careers. Bloggers, vloggers, musicians, teachers, professional selfie-takers; they all have gotten noticed through their presence online and with a lot of work. That is magical; being able to make a difference around the world through the power of technology. I applaud all of you. All of you dreamers and curious people who took a chance and put yourselves out for the world to see, not just for your high school yearbook or your daily gazette in town, but the actual world. One click, and someone could discover your talent. 
I've found some of my talents right here in this blog, but I know I have more and I'm finding them. I promise though, fashion is my first love and will always be, plus I'd die for a spot at W Magazine. But as college has come and pretty much has gone (I am a senior next semester, can you believe that?), I found new interests that I'm exploring and I'm so excited to learn more about. 
 The year I've been off The Deathly Fashion has been a year of self reflection and a year of figuring out me, because sometimes you think you've got life down but you don't. Now I'm not going to get all personal and deep but the most important thing I've learned was that trying matters the most. I never gave up on myself or this blog, I just had other things I wanted to try and dedicate my time to. However, I still post from time to time on Twitter, will snap a photo of my new shoes I'm obsessed at the moment on Instagram, and stay updated with news in the fashion industry.
So let's fast forward to now: I'm a junior in college continuing my study of Fashion Merchandising and starting a new chapter as a Film and Electronic Arts minor. I have to say, being able to figure out where I want to be in life is great and totally beats the guilt that hung over me for leaving my online persona. I can assure you though, I'm pretty much the same as far as my Harry Potter obsession, shoe- addiction, and love for styling go. So it's the same me plus a little of a new me. How cool is that? We can change as humans, guys! We can change to be better but that doesn't mean you lose who you were before. So don't be afraid of your new curiosities or thoughts that may alter your planned out life from high-school, just TRY it out. 
Don't just dream of success; work for it too! Whatever that success may be, I wish you the best of luck wizard friends.