Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disney Princess Inspired Prom

Prom season is here again! Ahh, I remember my proms (I went to two, lucky me!) They were some of the best times I have had. Cliche, but so true! Anyways, me and my Disney infested mind decided what better way to put out some prom style boards than ones inspired by princesses? You don't need to win Prom Queen to be the most royal person in the room, just feel it! 

This would not have been a good Disney princess related post if I did not mention Queen Elsa from the newest movie, Frozen. Seriously, I know you all have 'Let It Go' on repeat and your number one most played song on iTunes. I KNOW IT. So let it go, and shoot for the stars in light blue and sheer fabric! Give your hair that famous side braid with a pretty clip, and simple sparkly shoes! You will rule all of Arendelle, or the ballroom in this case. 

You don't be sleeping beauty at this party! Aurora seems like the most simple of the actual princesses. She seems like the girl who can wear a short dress to prom and rock it because of her classic taste. Another blue number, the applique on either side of the dress gives off the royal vibes. It's the little things that matter, like the scalloped edges of the sparkly heels and the tiny bells in the hairband. A simple prom look that will earn you respect and top of the best dressed list without being flashy! 

Pocahontas is my girl. Out of all the female figures in the Disney realm, I have always looked up to Pocahontas; a free spirit and beauty inside and out. I took some inspiration from a bohemian look, and found is amazing ruffle dress, with a lot of drape, meaning a lot of freedom for the body! Add a turquoise necklace to match Pocahontas's, color up your nails like her tattoo, and add some simple silver strap heels. But at one point of the night, you'll end up barefoot like she is. 

1. HAIR // 2. NECKLACE // 3. DRESS // 4. SHOES
Our little dreamer! Rapunzel seems to signify the most youth out of all the girls and I love that. First off, you won't be much of a Rapunzel without your braided hair and flowers, glammed up with some beaded bobby pins. It's a must! As for the dress, stick with the lighter purples to represent her bright attitude! Add a sunburst symbol in your jewelry to rep your kingdom and strappy jeweled heels to perfect your look!
Liked my Disney inspired boards? Want me to make a look from your favorite princess? Let me know in the comments below!
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P.S. I know, I'm horrible and have been off the blogisphere for FOREVER. I just got a job and am adjusting to dealing with that and school work at the moment. I'm really enjoying myself but don't think I didn't forget out The Deathly Fashion! xo