Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pop of Pink

Beanie - Cotton On// Crop Sweater - Nordstrom// Pants - Marshalls// Skull Kimono - Sister's Etsy Shop// Backpack - LesportSac// Slip ons - Aldo Shoes

I'm really feeling this hair for beanie-wear. I bought this on a limb at Cotton On during the holidays and couldn't resist the cute pink and heart, I was bound to wear it some day. I thought this was the perfect day with my very dark outfit. I basically put all my favorite things together: my ultra comfy harem pants, skull kimono my sister made me, crop sweater with textured polkas, ALDO slip-ons and my bright pink beanie. This hair is just giving me all sorts of vibes! I swear the day after this, I was in a plaid mini skirt and a high pony-tail. Gotta love the magic of clothing. 
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg


  1. love your blog!!

  2. I actually love your style!

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  3. omg this outfit is so cool! girl you are just a master of styling! that hot pink beanie is so on trend but i love how you wore it with darker colours and the kimono around youre waist!


    ♥ Ellen
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  4. ughhhhh that wrap skull thing- looooveeee. you're like the new kylie jenner only better!!!!


  5. Your skull kimono is gorgeous! I love your blog.

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