Sunday, October 27, 2013


Top - eBay// Cardi - Cotton On// Skirt - Nordstrom BP// Boots - Shoemint

I've come to conclusion college makes me happy. I don't know why but I'm probably the happiest I've ever been in my life. Whoa now. Though I spend 5+ extra hours at school doing homework or studying at Starbucks, I'm happy. And I've pretty much been my own cheerleader since I've gotten into school as well. I've made it a habit to look in the quotes section of Pinterest every morning right after I wake up and pin my favorite motivational quotes to my board (time to time I tweet my favorites). Is it too much? Well who cares, it helps me get up to a good mood! I've learned lately it's really no reason to wake up in a bad mood, no matter how sleepy you are; there is a whole day ahead of you to make good memories and learn amazing things. 

I actually wore this outfit some weeks ago, but due to an excessive amount of homework and projects and life (heh, barely have that) I am finally getting around to posting now. California is FINALLY starting to get colder and I'm definitely in the holiday mood already! (No seriously, bring out the Christmas songs and peppermint stuff) So I consider this outfit pretty much the lasts of my summer-to-winter transition. And trust me, it wasn't that hard to say goodbye this time. New days ahead in a happy mood and a wonderful time of year. (I'm trying to cover up finals with Christmas coming okay??)

Some of the quotes I've pinned to my board. Follow it if you love this stuff!

Until next time, enjoy xo
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Revamped Workspace

My inspiration (photos from Pinterest board)

I've been very addicted to a well organized workspace lately (or a lot of my life, maybe.) My desk area is a cherished place for me, even though I don't spend much time there, when I do I prefer it the prettiest workspace ever. So one day I told my dad, I wanted new bookshelves and whole new organization strategy. I motivated, specially because I am just starting out college and I was in the whole "let's start fresh" mode. So here are some tips and pics of my organization renovation! 

I got these really cool book-ends from Ikea (top photo) that come in two orientations, horizontal and vertical. It gives a cool modern touch to my room, plus they are metal so I added some polaroids with a magnet to make it more personal. (It's all about making it personal in my book!) As for the organization on my actual desk, I have wonderful assortment of small buckets from the dollar section in Target and a tiny media center from the clearance area in Marshalls where I keep all my wires organized. You really don't have to spend much for this which is what I love, plus it keeps things in place. Less clutter! Yay!

My first shelf is dedicated to school. I bought two magazine holders, and I used one for all my notebooks. Since I have class every other day, I don't feel the point of lugging it around all notebooks in my backpack when I don't need it, so this was a perfect way to keep all of them in one place at my disposal. *Important* I make sure my planner is in plain sight for me to make sure I look at it and make sure I've gotten everything done! You can get the same one I have here*  I also stacked fashion related books next to my textbooks to keep it my main focus, since I am studying fashion merchandising. Then again, a little personal touch with my cute Animal Crossing toy!

 My next shelf is for some of my loved books. I had to organize a LOT out of my shelves and picked out the ones that were visually appealing and my favorites. I even sent my beloved yearbooks beneath my bed. 

Again, here I am with my personal touches! This is one of my favorite pictures from my graduation day and my dad decided to buy me a cheesey graduation frame, so why not? (Also, anyone play kendama?) And I used the other magazine holder for all current magazine issues of the month. When I read them and a new issue comes out, I switch out the magazines and store the older ones in a box that stays under my bed. 

And of course, I gotta display all of my beloved books. I could not just store these in a box under my bed could I?! NEVER. Big tip for making your room you, even if you may not use it all the time but it makes you happy to see it, then go for it and display it! Just make sure it's organized and in a composed place. It is definitely the hardest thing to sort things out from what you need and don't need but it's a great process to learn how to let go on some things and let new things come into your life.

And that is the small 7 hour journey of my newly remodeled work space. I think decluttering and reorganizing is a must at least twice a year, even though I do it probably once every two months (I think it's an addiction). A room should be the greatest place to escape (and if you share a room and disagree with this, I'm very sorry and send you love, hoping you find comfort in a corner seat at your local Starbucks).

I've been on a hiatus, I know. College is seriously life, and I am trying to give all or most of my attention to my studies. I'll try to post sparingly to document what I've been learning and doing. Hope everyone else is having a great school year!

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