Thursday, June 20, 2013


FINALLY! It's summer everyone and I am so happy. I'm taking these next two months as my last summer to be a kid and do silly things (okay, prob still gonna do silly things the rest of my life) BUT I'm planning on jumping into that college life with 150% including looking for a job. I felt like I should treat this summer as the last one to relax and be a high school student. By the way, graduation was amazing - I don't think I stopped smiling at all that day! Now that the season of the sun has come, I'm ready for relaxing days and fun times.

I went on a tiny shopping spree for summer clothes, as I was in DESPERATE need of it!
(Picture via my Instagram)

I went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese market, with some friends, and the weather was still okay to wear some jeans. Thank goodness I found these great Hawaii-floral print ones! Perfect for summer, right? 

Top - Tobi// Denim - Nordstrom BP// Shoes - Sam Edelman Trina// Sunnies - Nordstrom BP

I splurged some of my grad. money on these Sam Edelman sandals! They are quite the perfect touch to any outfit this summer. There is a slight heel that you can see in my instagram picture - literally so perfect! I love the two tones, really reflects me! And yay for not picking black this time! 

Happy summer!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Mother of Dragons

If any of you follow me on twitter you may realize I have a slight obsession with the HBO series, Game of Thrones, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. Basics of the story if you do not watch:    Families try to take over the throne to be the one true ruler, people die, people have incest, people marry, and more people die. Aside from my very vague summary, I hope you go and give it a try! And for those who are fans, feel free to tweet me or comment below with your opinions on what is going to happen! Tonight is the wrap-up for season 3!

This leads me to my favorite character of the entire series, Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. Dany, as she is also known as, is the last chance for her family to take back the throne, as she (like everyone else) believes she has the most credibility to take over. She's a strong-willed, fierce, and powerful character that runs an army all on her own, no man needed - which is why I love her so much. As weird or not weird as it may sound, she's quite the inspiration for the independent women - but don't worry I'm not going to raise dragons like she does or anything. She's graceful and makes the tough decisions, that seem pretty crazy at the time, but she knows what she is doing. Her character is something that you can say I strive to be, just in the leadership area.

This can only lead me to a style board inspired by Dany which meant a lot of flowing dresses, a mix of luxurious-Greek like items, and also a lot of gold and dragons. Enjoy!

1. Topshop Dress
2. Etsy Dragon Ear Cuff
3. Tildon Sandals
4. Emilio Pucci Spring 2013 Dragon Wedge
5. OPI - Man with the Golden Gun

P.S. So sorry I've been MIA, I'm graduating this week and have been engulfed in senior activities and too many feels! Congrats to all the grads for 2013, we did it!

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