Friday, May 3, 2013

P R O M Survival Guide

It's that season and I might be a little late, but here are some tips of what essentials are needed in your clutch for your prom this year! Let's take a look....
 Clutch//Urban Outfitters (literally like 4 years ago, similar one here), Shoes//DV by Dolce Vita
These are what I am actually going to be accessorizing with at the proms I will be attending. (I'm going to two, how cool is that?!) They are both such a great staple, and not just for prom but for any occasion.

So, to last you through the night, I created a list of things you will most likely need in your clutch the night of prom. I tried to make it a light package since you don't want to lug around a lot and I took out make-up/touch ups all together since there is no point really in re-apply make-up when you're going to be sweating all night when you get down on the dance floor!
1. Tissues - Okay, I seriously can't stress how important it is to bring tissues with you EVERYWHERE. So on a day where you are supposed to look picture perfect, tissues are essential for wiping off any mess maybe when you snacked on a bag of chips (typical teenage girl, am I right?) or cleaning up any make up you may have smeared. I just buy the Up & Up brand travel pack tissues from Target that come in a pack of four for under $2.
2. Gum - This is pretty self explanatory, good smelling breath after that snack you ate or after dinner. Mints or gum, whatever your preference is, just don't forget to bring some breath enhancers!
3. Lip Color/Gloss/Stain/Whatever-You-Like - The only thing that seems important to touch-up from time to time is going to be in your lip area when you take snap-shots here and there. Pictured is my favorite matte lip cream from NYX in the color San Paulo, I love a matte finish on my lips because it isn't sticky yet gives great color.
4. Lip Balm - You're going to be talking a lot and let's be real, your lips will get dry from all that yappin! I literally can't live without my Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss and definitely recommend it! (Also another reason to carry tissues to wipe off the access from your finger).
5. Oil-Absorbing Sheets - This is something I always have to carry and for a night where I will  be sweating a lot and be kept in an enclosed space it is a must. For picture purposes, I'll probably sneak off into a corner to take some excess oil off my face so the flash doesn't bounce off that nasty imperfection.
6. Rollerball Perfume - Okay, I'm not a perfume expert but I really like rollerball type perfumes because they are portable and if you think the scent ran out, you can just grab it out of your purse and put a quick dab on your wrists and neck. The one I have pictured is signature Aerie fragrance from the Aerie/ American Eagle Outfitters store. This scent is light and sweet with a hint of fruit, if you're into that and it lasts a pretty long time!
7. Fashion Tape - If you are wearing a strapless dress or it has intricate cut-outs, or just want some extra hold so nothing slips while dancing, double sided tape will be your bestfriend. I purchased this also from Aerie for $10 and comes in a convenient tin. The tape says it only lasts for 4-6 hours so bringing it with you is the best option, but if any of you have tried other tapes, please let me know!
8. Bandages - There will be girls there with uncomfortable heels and you never know! They would form blisters from bad quality shoes or you may have some how cut yourself when taking photo-booth pictures. Just having a few bandages for safe-keeping may help someone out.


  • Stay hydrated! Don't go all out on the dance floor without being properly hydrated, we don't want anything happening to you!
  • Keep your money and identification  in a safe place! The clutch I am using has two compartments separated by a pocked in the middle with a zipper, which holds all my essential cards/cash inside.
  • Don't buy heels if you don't think you can properly walk in them. Don't want to end up looking like a fool do ya? Make sure the heels you have are comfortable! I walk around the house in my heels for a couple of days to break them in.
  • Forget the drama and have fun! For those going to prom, grad nite, senior nights, etc., etc., let go of mistakes you've made with friends or a significant other and end the year on a good note! Don't let the bad vibes get you down. Stick with the people that will keep you dancing and laughing all night.
Wish you all the best on this school year even if you aren't going to prom or graduating, these tips can be used for a formal event as well! Have fun loves, XO

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