Monday, February 25, 2013

Checkers, Check Her

So just as New York Fashion has ended, of course I'd be the one talking about all previous editorials that have been coming out and not NYFW (Typical procrastinator, forgive me). But the recap will be up soon! Of course all the rage has been with black and white patterns and really nothing else. How simple is that? As a 17 year-old trying to make it in the fashion industry, it may have been a given that I own more black clothing than the average. (My mom seems concerned sometimes, I'm starting to paint my nails black too).

With designers like Marc Jacobs (for his self-titled line and Louis Vuitton), Balmain, Herve Leger and many more,  this trend could not be anymore perfect. With the fact that there was also a lot of monochromatic white (purity like an angel for ya) plus shorter heels and more flats, women are coming back down to earth but with a bold look. Fashion has never seemed more effortless and poised. There is also something so mysterious about black and white pieces that can tell so much about a women yet so little. You'll start to wonder what is her favorite color, or what her favorite song is; adding another identity for women in the industry to portray.

Be inspired.... here is a break down of this trend with the thought of a teenage budget...

1. Chicwish Faux Leather Sleeves Jacket
2. Tildon Sandal
3. Polka Dot Crop Top
4. Black High-Top Trainers
5.  White Zip Aline Skirt
6. Forever 21 Cuff

P.S. My laptop is currently acting funky right now and I'm trying to restore it, I'm going to be blogging from my mom's lappy for the time being (Windows 8, what?) . Please bare with me and my attempts at styleboards using a bootleg photoshop.
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