Saturday, November 30, 2013


Bomber Jacket - BB Dakota// Top - Tobi// Skirt - BB Dakota// Vest - BB Dakota// Boots - Naya// Bag - Michael Kors// Watch - Betsey Johnson

Wait what? I'm 18 already - wow. Well, hello to jury duty. Turning 18 hasn't felt much different but November was a wonderful month (as all November babies would say). One of the highlights was a huge haul I picked up at the BB Dakota sample sale where I found this beauty of a bomber jacket. Drumroll for the price of ... $10. Can we take a moment for that? This will be my holiday jacket, my outing jacket, my everything. And very guilty of wearing a little too much BB Dakota in one day but I was so dang excited about my haul... That post is coming up. (Hint: I bought a lot of coats) 

Have a great first half of December as I will be hidden in a Starbucks somewhere to study for finals. xo
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg


  1. $10. hate you. not even cool. i suck with sample sales. i always leave spending more on one item than probably 10 items should really cost??? maybe sales just aren't my thing. hey, can't complain! ;)


  2. Your blog is darling! Take a look at my blog if you get a chance, I follow back!!

  3. love your bb dakota bomber jacket!


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