Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Mirror

Kill me off. Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable ... *finishes song in head* ANYWAYS. Due to my sucky scheduled life without my sister (aka my photographer), I've been taking quick mirror pictures with my phone. I haven't had a real photo shoot in the longest, and I need one soon! Bare with me but I did want to share these outfits with you because it is an evolution of my style within about two months. Let's just say I haven't been as conservative as before (thank godric for Blogilates). Enjoy.

Oh, and I've been trying to style my hair differently. Opinions?
(From left to right) 1. Dress - Boutique//Shoes - Dolce Vita Heels l 2. Crop top - Nordstrom Rack// Skirt - Thrift// Blazer - Love Culture// Shoes (not pictured) - Sam Edelman l 3. Crop top - Nordstrom Rack// Skirt - Made with love from my sister// Shoes (not pictured) - Sam Edelman

In other news it's freakin fashion week and I'm excited! It's already day 3 and I'm mentally tired from remembering all the collections. Prababl Gurung killed it and so did the girls at Cushnie Et Ochs. What were your favorites? 
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg


  1. woohoo mirror selfies for the win!



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