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Teen Vogue's Back-To-School-Saturday: Experience

It's finally here! So, if yalls didn't know I volunteered to work at Teen Vogue's Back-To-School Saturday event held at the Grove in Los Angeles! And I just wanted to share my experience with you all. Please bare with my iPhone quality! I was pretty much "on the job" so just snapped pictures when it was appropriate to do so. Enjoy!

[Left: Friends I made while volunteering, Middle: Me and Kelsey from Runaway in LA, Right: Me and a stranger in front of the Kate Spade Truck]
[Teen Vogue BTSS fashion show + X Factor UK's Little Mix]
Friday, August 9, 2013 - Fliers
My first day (out of the two very long days) at the event was dedicated to passing out fliers to everyone around the Grove. I came quite early so I went around the center talking to [mostly] girls about the event. They all waited in a MASSIVE line, wrapping around corners of the Grove to see the musical performance by UK's pop band Little Mix. All of them were very excited and so energetic it was a lot to handle.
I was partnered with another Teen Vogue It Girl named Amanda, who is actually signed with Wilhemina Modeling Agency! I'm not surprised either. She is gorgeous! It was nice getting to know her as we passed out fliers to local Grove dwellers and were even rejected some of the times. - You know those people in the mall that try to offer you something and you just kinda walk away? That's what we did. So to people who do this in the mall, I give you props. - Besides that, we passed out free issues of the September Teen Vogue magazine feat. One Direction on the cover! Speaking of One Direction, this girl (me) got to speak with Liam Payne's parents (AKA my future parents in law). They are ADORABLE. Done and done. It was the highlight of my day. Along with meeting Jason Wagenheim, the Vice President/Publisher of Teen Vogue! Talk about a dream.

After some hours of walking about the Grove, we actually got to watch the fashion show hosted by EID of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley + Disney's Bella Thorne. I actually only got to see half of the show, but the half I did see was AMAZING. Style was on point done by Catherine Newell. I dream of doing that some day. Then came the big performance by Little Mix. (X-Factor UK winners) Okay, I'm going to be honest - I actually never heard about Little Mix until that day and let me tell you, they were really good. I was surprised. They gave me a little Spice Girls feel (but trust me, no one will ever be better than them) and they weren't over done with dance moves. I like them now. *goes and downloads all their music*
Alas, as the show ended, everyone left and I was excited to go home but boy was I hungry. I decided to go on a little lunch/dinner date by myself in the Farmer's Market. I got lost. I think people started to stare because they figured I was a noob and had no idea what I was doing in there. Think of the Farmer's Market like a grouped up area of food shops and tables surrounding it like a maze. I ended up getting some delicious Korean food and some Jasmine Milk Tea w/boba. (That Asian life) So I end Day 1....

[TopShop presentation done by Teen Vogue's Mary Kate Steinmiller]
Saturday, August 10, 2013 - Fliers
I was excited about Saturday because I would get to see one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kelsey from Runaway in LA. (She's way fabulous, you need to read her blog - flawless) She's heading to NYU! How crazy! Anyways, we unfortunately did not get to work with the same companies - I was with Vera Wang and she was with Smart Water. This day I was supervised by the Promotions Assistant, Baileigh who is the sweetest! It was great talking to someone who actually works for Teen Vogue, I was inspired. 
Saturday was the actually shopping day at the Grove and it featured a enclosed area of booths brought by ASOS, Maybelline, Keds, and more! They were having "DIY" t-shirts at ASOS, manis with Maybelline, and a photo booth at the KEDS station with a backdrop of Taylor Swift. As people enjoyed the lawn of a back-to-school mogul, I went around promoting the Vera Wang Pink Princess scent - which by the way, smells amazing. I'm not even kidding you, I love the scent! I basically spritzed people on their wrists with the scent if they wanted to try it. I think that was my favorite part - talking to fashion lovers just like me or people who love free stuff. 
I was also put into promoting what was going to be occurring during the entire day. Passing out fliers, again, but this time I partnered with a girl named Morgan who came to California to intern for Nickelodeon, how amazing is that? She told me about her experiences and how she's gone to Teen Vogue Fashion University two years in a row, I was beyond jealous/amazed. 
After spritzin' and promoting, we got pulled to the Nordstrom store to tell everyone that the fashion presentation with Collection B would be starting soon. I honestly thought it was a tiny creepy walking around the store and just telling them about it, but to my surprised, the people I told were excited and actually showed up to watch the presentation. They had a surprise performance by After Romeo - wait who? - that's what I said when they announced them as well. I had no clue who they were and neither did the audience, but they were ookaay. I liked the Little Mix performance much better. Collection B is a brand that is held at Nordstrom in the BP section, their main focus is affordable outerwear with great quality. 

Next up: A fashion presentation presented by Mary Kate Steinmiller, the Senior Fashion Marketing Editor of Teen Vogue. Ok, fangirled inside big time about this. I was the only volunteer left at this point so I had to job of going around the whole TopShop store and telling people about the presentation. I got some girls excited about it and some were just waiting until I'm out of their face. Either way, the experience of talking to strangers is great, it makes you fearless (because people are sooo scary right?). Anyways, the fashion presentation was great and Mary Kate Steinmiller gave great great tips for back to school trends, which I elaborated here in my back-to-school trend post. The presentation was a great way to end my day. 

When I was done with my work I stayed in TopShop with Kelsey to shop (duh). I bought a fun bright yellow knit sweater, on sale of course, and I really can't wait until I can wear it. After that I headed out to have a late lunch with my favorite girl, Kelsey. I had sushi (of course) and she ate something that comes with pita bread and hummus. Afterwards we hit up some stores and I became her personal shopper because she couldn't read the top shelves at Zara, very fun. We both struck out there and at the very tiny Forever 21. Then I said my final farewells to her for the last time before she headed out to New York for NYU, she's there now - so tweet her a welcome and good luck! Hope to see you there soon! 

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P.S. I just wanted to let it be known that I have started college! Whoo hoo! (kinda, it's still school so I'm just always tired.) But if I lack on some posts, please forgive me as school always comes first. If you are starting school are started already, I wish you the best!


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  2. wow it looks like such a fun event! Congrats on starting school!

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  3. Looks like such a good time! I was thinking of going, but it was close to my brother's last day with me before he left for school, so I didn't end up going. D:

  4. wow sounds like such an awesome event to be apart of!


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