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Back-to-School: Essentials and Trends

Yes! I know it's Back-To-School time and as much as we might all be dreading it, we can all turn that frown upside down and cheer for the goodness of shopping for the season. Yes that is right, I've put together the essentials you'll need, fashion wise, for your new school year. Whether it is middle school, high school, or college, these will get you through the days. 

There are obviously going to be difficulties if your school has a dress code but just remember you can always spruce up that uniform with:

*A fun/textured backpack
*Unique shoes
*Gold jewelry (or silver, but I just LOVE gold) or a nice watch

Let's get into it.....
1. Slip On Tennies - Yes, forget your wedge sneakers this year because we are all about comfort and sleek style so what other way then the easy access slip-on shoe? I've been on the hunt of some great leather ones like these from River Island. Add them with a pair of baggy ripped jeans and you will be the coolest (and comfiest) kid on campus. 

2. Neutral Colored Backpack - I love fun colorful backpacks, don't get me wrong but I'm thinking about some more convenient yet stylish ways for your school year. One way to do that is get a neutral colored backpack to match all your outfits. It will save you lots of time switching out your supplies from one backpack to another. But if you like to do that, then by all means but your go-to backpack should be in tones like brown, tan, or black.

3. Oversized Denim Shirt - We will all need this item for our lazy days. Yes, lazy days still look presentable! You never know who you're going to meet. It's always an essential for me to make sure that even if I'm tired, I won't show it. Just add a cute skirt (which are very easy to put on I will tell you) and you are done! Denim shirts can go with anything and you can wear them as outerwear as well. Talk about some great functions. 

4. Stand-Out Accessory - I love having that one bright piece I wear with all my clothing. This bright pink band for this watch is perfect and a great conversation starter (I'm all about that stuff). This can also be your nails or make-up. 

5. Go-To Gold Accessories - I am a lover of gold and it always spruces up an outfit. I like to have a set of rings, a necklace, bracelet, and earrings I can always rely on. These would be good everyday pieces. Make sure to pick out ones that reflect you, like how I picked out a necklace that shapes out all the continents, how cool is that? 
6. Essential Leather - Okay, we all need at least one leather jacket. It's great to make an investment in a good quality one that will last you years. Literally top it off any outfit and you will look good. I promise you. Even if you're wearing sweats (which I hope you don't to school), but if you do, maybe wear a leather jacket to spruce that baby up! I like more loose fits but tighter jackets this season are picking up so I may have to invest in one!


Now that we have gone through the essentials you will need this school year, let's get into the trends! These trends were talked about by Mary Kate Steinmiller, Senior Marketing Editor of Teen Vogue. I'm pretty much doing my take on these trends and sharing the tips she presented at the Back-To-School Saturday event (post about experience up soon!). 

This trend has been really big for quite some time. Even I took a crack at it a couple of months ago [insert link to post]. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect denim on denim look:
* Never wear the same washes, always mix them with light/faded with darker ones
*To not make it look too matchy, try a denim with a print on it.

Denim print shirt - Forever 21// Distressed Jeans - Topshop
White after Labor day? Uh yes please! White on white is the hottest trend right now and gives a women a more innocent glow. (I mean you're wearing all white, come on. Who wouldn't feel like an angel?) Let's talk about how to not overwhelm the public with this trendy look:
*Mix up your whites, as in different shades of white. Make sure none of the pieces are the same exact shade. (Like the denim trend basically)
*Wear white pants and a creamy big knit sweater! (The perfect white on white ensemble) Big knits in whites or creams are perfect for this trend because it exaggerates the white and also yells out "Hello Winter, I'm ready for you!" (For you Game of Thrones fans, you'd probably say "Winter is Coming")
Knit Sweater - ModCloth// Pants - Topshop
This whole 90's grunge and punk is definitely back in full swing but this time around, we're keeping it more classy. Hence, "clean cut" because the prints, patterns, and textures that scream punk are on simple cuts.
*Add a little pop of your favorite print. Animal prints like cheetah and zebra are great and you can never go wrong with plaid.  
*Leather is a must, so spice it up with a tight fit and a quilted texture (Chanel reference anyone?)
*Add your favorite leather jacket, maybe from your white trend phase? This will brighten up the outfit to contrast the darker colors you would wear this this trend. 
*Add your favorite lace-up/combat boots and your look is perfected!
Leather Skirt - Thread Scene// Top - Dorthy Perkins// Leather Jacket - Dorthy Perkins
Phew we are done! I hope you enjoy this post and I hope you enjoy your new school year. For those of you who are out of school and working, who said this trends can't work for you? Of course they can!

Have fun, be active, stay focused, and love every moment! Good luck with your new school year.
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