Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Wear My Heart on my Back

 Top - Nordstrom Rack// Lace Bandeau - BB Dakota// Skirt - H&M// Bag - Michael Kors// Shoes - Sam Edelman Trinas// Necklace - Love Culture// Watch - Betsey Johnson

Hah. I'm so great with play on words right? I am deeply in love with this shirt! I've been wanting an open back shirt for some time and this one was perfect. At the end of the day I think all girls are drawn to hearts and starts and glitter. Admit it. I grabbed this off the rack in a heartbeat and didn't even check the size which ended up to be a large.. oh well! The loose fit is great anyways. And what perfect timing  for a new lace bandeau? I found this on my way to pay for the shirt so you can say it was fate. I think it was. Now I'm just enjoying summer with the nice breeze... through my back.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skater Skirts

Top - Modcloth// Skirt - Nordstrom BP// Shoes - Sam Edelman// Hat - Forever 21// Sunnies - Nordstrom BP
I'm loving this weather that we've been having lately. (Typical start-off to a post). I realized that I have only been showing you outfits with pants...which is really weird because I rarely wear pants. I've been wanting skater skirts for a while, and I finally got this nice paisley/denim mash-up print one at Nordstrom. It's really fun to twirl around! Also, I finally got a wide brim hat. I really wanted a black suede one but I'll wait for Fall to get it. I wear this pretty much everyday because it's so easy to top off an outfit and hide my flat hair. I wore this out to lunch with some of my favorite girlfriends from yearbook, it's always nice to catch up! Oh how summer is going by so fast... Enjoy it while you can!
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shoe Sunday

Back on my game and back onto my segment, "Shoe Sunday", which I tried starting up last year. (Not really a fail... but a huge hiatus). I made this segment because I love shoes (surprise, surprise) and for me, personally, I'd love to discover new shoes then drool about them. Most of the time I will have my picks in categories but today they are just random shoes that I'd love to get in a heartbeat for my shoe-rack. So let's talk shoes...
1. Malt Shop Heel by Jeffrey Campbell - These are beyond cool. Clear heels used me to known as prostitute heels, let's get real - but the image has change and the transparency is now seen as edgy and clean. The yummy pink pastel against the clear-ness can be paired with darker pieces to show your inner good and bad girl. 
2. Alexander McQueen Embellished Skull Slippers - Though passed, the late designer's name is still here, and for whatever reason they decided to keep the line up-and-running I thank them for producing these ever simple flats. In my parallel universe in the land where I'm actually a wizard and living in a castle that leads to Narnia (too much? - nah), these would be my everyday shoes.
3. LEI Platforms from TopShop - I've been in love with chunky heels and platforms to say the least. Though I don't any (sad-face) I can just imagine the power a woman must feel in such shoes. These ones are great because of the red color (red kinda goes with errthang) and the tiny bit of ball studs on the trims. Universal shoe? I think so. I can picture me wearing them, my sister, and yes, even my mom.
4.Sam and Libby for Target Wedge - I am a fan of Sam Edelman and his comfort for the price. And I am also a fan of Target so obvi it is given that this collection interested me! These wedges are perfect for summer and I am a sucker for ankle straps.
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to My Roots

Top - Prabal Gurung for Target//Crop Top (Under Top) - Nordstrom Rack// Tye-Die Jeans - Love Culture// Shoes - Sam Edelman// Bag - Michael  Kors// Watch - Betsey Johnson

Greetings my summer loves! Hope everything has been going well for all of you! I've recently been trying to revamp TDF, and have finally gotten to it! What do you all think? I've realized going through this process of recreating the site, I wanted it to reflect me more and it got me thinking into the deep roots of why I started this blog in the first place. 

So I went back looking at my old posts/outfits and realized that I've changed style wise. When I first started TDF, I didn't read as many blogs as I do now and I didn't have an Instagram; all I went by was photos by Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman and the editorials published on Fashion Gone Rogue. I felt as if now I was just wanting and feeling the need to look like all of the bloggers I follow now and see on Instagram. (Nothing it wrong with them, don't get me wrong but I feel like I was just getting lost) It's great that I was feeding of inspiration, but I realized I have to get back to my roots. My weird, print-mixing roots. I think I was having a semi-indentity crisis and I can't believe I'm actually opening up about it. But alas, I just needed a little insomnia one night to get me thinking. And it feels really good to be back. 

I've had this Prabal Gurung top from his Target collection since the first day it came out and I'm finally showcasing it! If you don't know, Prabal Gurung is pretty much one of my favorite designers EVER. His clothing is cool, fun, and sophisticated with the right amount of hip elegance. So obviously, I ran to my Target to snag what I could when his collection came out. It's the perfect loud print shirt I needed, so why not pair it with the perfect loud pair of pants I have? Thank godric for my neutral Sam Edelman Trinas though, I can wear them with anything! Aren't they lovely? Until next time...
 photo 2e041433-2c1a-495e-989e-e586934af100_zpsa36b6717.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

Arrive in Style! - Teen Vogue Contest

Teen Vogue and Toyota have teamed up to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving to teenagers. And I'm proud to be apart of it! As a Safe Driving Ambassador, I'm here to promote the practice of safe driving and want YOU, yes you, even if you don't drive, to pledge that when you do, you'll do it safely! This also can get you a trip to New York with your mom or motherly figure plus a $1,000 shopping spree AND A FEATURE IN TEEN VOGUE! (Talk about a dream!) It's an easy process!

1. Go to Arrive in Style website here.
2. Make the pledge to be safe, be fab, and arrive in style!
3. Upload a photo of you and your mom "air-driving" (almost like air-guitar) and post it on the site.
4.  To confirm, leave a comment below with your name and email me at with a screenshot of the picture in the "Arrive in Style" gallery on the site!

Simple as that! Good luck, be creative, and I can't wait to see your photos!

Don't forget, there are somethings in life you can say "YOLO" too, but driving is not one of them! Be safe xo

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Up and Coming: Hailee Steinfeld

I'm all for researching about girls around my age who have made names for themselves so young. One of them who has been on top of my inspiration list is Miss Hailee Steinfeld, who got an Academy Award nomination for her FIRST film True Grit, which I quite enjoyed. Pretty impressive right? After being recognized, she locked on to many movies that will be coming out back to back starting with Ender's Game, based off an awesome novel written by Orson Scott Card. She will also be staring aside the Burberry model, Douglas Booth in a recreation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet followed by another film with Keira Knightley titled Can a Song Save Your Life?.

This 16 year-old actress has taken not only the film industry by storm but caught notice to many fashion designers including Miuccia Prada, landing her a campaign for Miu Miu Fall 2011. (Are you beyond jealous yet?) It doesn't stop there - she's gotten to present awards with Justin Bieber, be buddies with Jeff Bridges, and simply asked Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan if she can tag along on her first New York Fashion Week. She was also recently named Max Mara's Face of the Future 2013. While her movies are in post-production she has been making a name for herself on the red carpet with the help of stylists Kemal Harris and Karla Welch.

Some of my favorite looks from Hailee Steinfeld recently.
What I love about Hailee is that she is one of the first girls around my age that I've seen taking risks on the red carpet, yet it is so appropriate. (Very similar to Chloe Grace Moretz + Elle Fanning). She can take on very neutral colors and ad a zest to show the youth in her. Also, I think we can all be jealous when we see her sporting Max Mara, Suno, Kenzo, LV, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Prabal Gurung, and the list goes on and on. 

So, Hailee is like you (if you're a 17 year-old dreamer) and me, a typical teenager that loves to be on her iPhone and take pretty pictures for instagram, except she gets to film movies with hunks like Douglas Booth and appeared at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and every other film award show in America. She is also great friends with Taylor Swift and Cody Simpson. (Jealously meter at an all time high)

I think you've heard enough about her, so I've whipped up some style boards inspired by her red carpet and casual style. Enjoy!
Ok so Hailee wore a custom Marchesa tulle gown for the Oscar awards in 2011 and later changed her shoes to red Converse High-Tops for the after party. Seriously when I fell in love with her. Her style is edgy and fun and she loves taking risks from what I see. It inspires me to do the same! And it also inspired my prom dress, which is pictured above.
1. Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa Tulle Dress
2. Red Converse High-Tops
3. Modcloth Headband

Pair a fun print maxi with a bold colored bag for a chic and comfy flight like Hailee does here. The contrast of the colors is great, see, even without her stylists she still looks amazing and age appropriate.

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