Thursday, June 20, 2013


FINALLY! It's summer everyone and I am so happy. I'm taking these next two months as my last summer to be a kid and do silly things (okay, prob still gonna do silly things the rest of my life) BUT I'm planning on jumping into that college life with 150% including looking for a job. I felt like I should treat this summer as the last one to relax and be a high school student. By the way, graduation was amazing - I don't think I stopped smiling at all that day! Now that the season of the sun has come, I'm ready for relaxing days and fun times.

I went on a tiny shopping spree for summer clothes, as I was in DESPERATE need of it!
(Picture via my Instagram)

I went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese market, with some friends, and the weather was still okay to wear some jeans. Thank goodness I found these great Hawaii-floral print ones! Perfect for summer, right? 

Top - Tobi// Denim - Nordstrom BP// Shoes - Sam Edelman Trina// Sunnies - Nordstrom BP

I splurged some of my grad. money on these Sam Edelman sandals! They are quite the perfect touch to any outfit this summer. There is a slight heel that you can see in my instagram picture - literally so perfect! I love the two tones, really reflects me! And yay for not picking black this time! 

Happy summer!

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  1. you look so cool. love your pants.x

  2. Cute look! I'm loving te pants and congrats on graduating.


  3. so cute, would you like to follow each other?

  4. Oh my goodness! GORGEOUS outfit. That top is so lovely! I want it.
    Hamida X

  5. You look lovely! I love your sandals! :) x Laura

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  7. Hey :) I like you´re whole Blog and the outfit. Specially these trousers! :)
    Are you interested to follow each other?

  8. Hello :) I absolutely love your blog. Could you please check out mine? x

  9. Hey Tatiana! You followed me on Instagram which is how I stumbled across your blog (through your profile link), and I really enjoy it. I think we're the same age, or around, we both graduated high school recently. Hope you have a great summer 2013, and if you have time, please drop by my blog and say hello! I've just gotten back into the swing of blogging after a long hiatus of school studying, so my blog's a bit barren and needs some love haha :P

  10. Congrats on your graduation. I really like your outfit, especially the pants.
    I wouldn't have spent that much money on the shoes, since I think they look quite unremarkable considering they're Sam Edelman.
    But they still look nice and go great with the outfit :)

  11. I love your shoes
    bonne journée


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