Sunday, March 24, 2013

Start Up Fashion Show @ Cross Campus

Last week I went to the Start Up Fashion Showcase at Cross Campus in Santa Monica presented by DigitalLA. It was to present LA based businesses that focus on fashion. I was invited to go support The Style Club with my good friend Kelsey from Runaway in LA. Again, we were the youngest people at the event, but it was a great experience! Compared to the NAVEN fashion show where we stood to watch the show, it was nice to sit and have the comfort of [attempting] to take runway photos. I'm still not very good at it so there is a lack of photos of the actual collections. Here are some of the brands that stood out to me:

 The Style Club LA presented by Hilary Novelle. This rad business is a mix of social media, shopping, and make-overs! They have a website where you can find super stylish clothes all in one place and view make-overs and tastemaker videos, pretty awesome? I think yes. Check them out here!

 Project Runway contestant Alicia Hardesty made a surprise presentation and gave the audience a sneek peak of a collab she has been working on with Cal Tech, making great pieces that are fashionable and lab-friendly! (I don't have any clear pictures of the pieces shown, such a noob at good runway pictures, forgive me!) Take a look here!

Carbon 38 is a luxury yoga clothing brand created by two women from one of the top Ivy League schools (forgive me, I forgot) but very impressive right? They had some great pieces including a great cut-out sports bra that I wouldn't mind sporting to the gym!

This was one of my favorite showcases of the night, which was for Runway Passport. This site basically connects you with designers all around the world, opening your eyes to many talented designers outside of Paris, Milan, New York, and London! I'm always a sucker for discovering new designers so I think I'll be going through their tumblr for a while. What's great too is that if you're interested in buying a piece from a international designer, this site can get it for you!

 Supermodel Sarah DeAnna made a special appearance to talk about her book, Supermodel You. The book revolves around a healthy living and how to treat your body like a temple. She gave great advice about doing what you love and being confident in where you come from. One of my favorite parts of the show!

Of course we can't have a fashion show without models! Here was a cool picture I snapped  on accident that turned out a lot cooler than I expected. The models were so fun and energetic which is one thing I love about LA fashion!
Here is what I wore ...
 Blazer - Thrifted// Crop Top - Roxy (courtesy of my sister)// Jeans - True Religion// Heels - Preview// Bag - Michael Kors// Watch - Betsey Johnson

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  1. world is a better place with you in it

  2. It looks like a great event and fashion how u look gorgeous love that blazer dear

  3. So cool that you were there, are you wore a lovely outfit. xo Jaimie

  4. cute!
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  6. This event looks like so much fun! I absolutely love that blazer – its gorgeous.

    xo, Meera |

  7. It looks like you had a great time a this event, and I love how you compiled your outfit! Your blazer compliments your outfit and your top is so cute as well!


    p.s. your interview should be up on our blog either today or the day after so do keep an eye out, but i'll let you know!

  8. Looks like such a lovely event! I'm loving the blazer, such a lovely statement. I'm so glad I found your blog, there are just so many great things about it. One thing for sure is that I finally have found a potterhead fashion blogger (yay!) and you have some great content as well.
    And so I'm now following.

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  9. You look great! Love your blazer, is amazing! :)


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