Saturday, March 16, 2013


Denim Shirt - Nordstrom// Crewneck - From my Key Club Divison// Striped Dress - H & M// Wedge Sneakers - eBay// Glasses -
Hey ya'll! The weather in SoCal has been amazing these past days yet I still find ways to wear a sweater and layers. (Typical). I'm really in love with my Key Club Division Sweater (Division 13 South, holla!). One of the members designed it, and wearing it just makes you feel so proud to be apart of Key Club and be apart of a new group of friends. I'm just very sad that this is my first and last year in the club, but it's been great! 

 Another new thing is my glasses that sent me. Since I'm not prescribed to glasses, I never thought about wearing them as a fashion, though a lot of people do. So when Firmoo asked me if I was interested in their products I felt like that was the perfect time to test some out! Turns out, I love them! I picked out some fun white, rectangle framed glasses with a "fashion lens" (for those who don't need prescription) and the sides of the glasses come in a fun geometric pattern with yellows and purples. They add a great twist to my whole look, and I've pretty much been wearing them everyday since then! is an online optical store where you can buy fashionable frames for prescription or just for style. What's so great about this site is when you sign up, the first pair of glasses are FREE, which is pretty awesome! Now I don't wear glasses so I can't say how easy it is to enter your information for your lenses but it seems fairly easy from what this video shows. They have a great variety of frames to pick from, it took me a while to pick out the pair I wanted! Check out their frames right here and more info on the First Free Frames can be found here. Unfortunately the glasses I got are out of stock, but you can email the company to see if they will re-stock them here.

Have fun and let me know if you try out the site! Thanks xo

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  1. Great glasses, love your outfit! xx

  2. Love your glasses, this is such a cute outfit!

  3. These glasses look lovely on you! You look totally gorgeous! :) x Laura

  4. I got this pair of glasses too (:

  5. oo I love these glasses and your skirt!
    UK High Street Fashion

  6. Nice glasses! I have a pair from Firmoo too!

  7. youuussss a cutie :) love those glasses!!


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    I really like your blog and your style!
    I´m following you :)
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  9. Heii
    thanks for your comment, your style is great. And I love your blog titel ;)
    yay for potterheads ;)


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