Sunday, March 24, 2013

Start Up Fashion Show @ Cross Campus

Last week I went to the Start Up Fashion Showcase at Cross Campus in Santa Monica presented by DigitalLA. It was to present LA based businesses that focus on fashion. I was invited to go support The Style Club with my good friend Kelsey from Runaway in LA. Again, we were the youngest people at the event, but it was a great experience! Compared to the NAVEN fashion show where we stood to watch the show, it was nice to sit and have the comfort of [attempting] to take runway photos. I'm still not very good at it so there is a lack of photos of the actual collections. Here are some of the brands that stood out to me:

 The Style Club LA presented by Hilary Novelle. This rad business is a mix of social media, shopping, and make-overs! They have a website where you can find super stylish clothes all in one place and view make-overs and tastemaker videos, pretty awesome? I think yes. Check them out here!

 Project Runway contestant Alicia Hardesty made a surprise presentation and gave the audience a sneek peak of a collab she has been working on with Cal Tech, making great pieces that are fashionable and lab-friendly! (I don't have any clear pictures of the pieces shown, such a noob at good runway pictures, forgive me!) Take a look here!

Carbon 38 is a luxury yoga clothing brand created by two women from one of the top Ivy League schools (forgive me, I forgot) but very impressive right? They had some great pieces including a great cut-out sports bra that I wouldn't mind sporting to the gym!

This was one of my favorite showcases of the night, which was for Runway Passport. This site basically connects you with designers all around the world, opening your eyes to many talented designers outside of Paris, Milan, New York, and London! I'm always a sucker for discovering new designers so I think I'll be going through their tumblr for a while. What's great too is that if you're interested in buying a piece from a international designer, this site can get it for you!

 Supermodel Sarah DeAnna made a special appearance to talk about her book, Supermodel You. The book revolves around a healthy living and how to treat your body like a temple. She gave great advice about doing what you love and being confident in where you come from. One of my favorite parts of the show!

Of course we can't have a fashion show without models! Here was a cool picture I snapped  on accident that turned out a lot cooler than I expected. The models were so fun and energetic which is one thing I love about LA fashion!
Here is what I wore ...
 Blazer - Thrifted// Crop Top - Roxy (courtesy of my sister)// Jeans - True Religion// Heels - Preview// Bag - Michael Kors// Watch - Betsey Johnson

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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Denim Shirt - Nordstrom// Crewneck - From my Key Club Divison// Striped Dress - H & M// Wedge Sneakers - eBay// Glasses -
Hey ya'll! The weather in SoCal has been amazing these past days yet I still find ways to wear a sweater and layers. (Typical). I'm really in love with my Key Club Division Sweater (Division 13 South, holla!). One of the members designed it, and wearing it just makes you feel so proud to be apart of Key Club and be apart of a new group of friends. I'm just very sad that this is my first and last year in the club, but it's been great! 

 Another new thing is my glasses that sent me. Since I'm not prescribed to glasses, I never thought about wearing them as a fashion, though a lot of people do. So when Firmoo asked me if I was interested in their products I felt like that was the perfect time to test some out! Turns out, I love them! I picked out some fun white, rectangle framed glasses with a "fashion lens" (for those who don't need prescription) and the sides of the glasses come in a fun geometric pattern with yellows and purples. They add a great twist to my whole look, and I've pretty much been wearing them everyday since then! is an online optical store where you can buy fashionable frames for prescription or just for style. What's so great about this site is when you sign up, the first pair of glasses are FREE, which is pretty awesome! Now I don't wear glasses so I can't say how easy it is to enter your information for your lenses but it seems fairly easy from what this video shows. They have a great variety of frames to pick from, it took me a while to pick out the pair I wanted! Check out their frames right here and more info on the First Free Frames can be found here. Unfortunately the glasses I got are out of stock, but you can email the company to see if they will re-stock them here.

Have fun and let me know if you try out the site! Thanks xo

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diane Von Furstenburg Loves Roxy

So a brand all girls love would undoubtably be Roxy. They have clothes for every season (Not just that Cali life) and pretty much fulfill the inner comfy\chill in all of us. Lets face it, even some of their pieces are even edgy for the rebel girl, which is a total bonus.

One thing that never changes about the brand is their promise to go back to their roots and give girls realistic choices for swim suits, snowboarding, and even lounge wear. (You can't believe how much Roxy branded items I had back in middle school).

Now I'd like to share with you something very dear which is the Diane Von Furstenburg Loves Roxy collaboration! DVF has become a household name and is now bringing a twist to Roxy products (which is another household name, how awesome is that?)

I was able to get one of the DVF Loves Roxy bikinis in this great black clover pattern aligned in yellow with a white background. It has a very unique tie as the back ties start from the front of the bikini and end up in the back. The fit for the bottoms are great and I love the gold ring on the sides to connect the front and the back. I cannot wait to wear this when the weather gets warmer!

DVF Loves Roxy collection launches March 7, so get ready! There are so many great prints in the collection and not just for bikinis but for bags and other podcast as well, don't miss this collaboration y'all it's pretty awesome, even Aimee Song is sporting it!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Contrast Jacket - Kensie Girl// Plaid Shirt - Modcloth// Pants - Joe's// Boots - MIA Girl// Bag - Michael Kors// Skull Cuff - Poshmark// Sunnies - Nordstrom BP// Beanie - Roxy

The lighting in these photos pretty much reflect where I've been the past few weeks... IN THE DARK. Hah, totally kidding but I know I've been on a awkward hiatus from the blog and I apologize. Yearbook has be hectic and just school in general. To cope with all the stress, I've been listening to a lot of different music lately and it's become a huge influence on my attire. For one, I've been wearing my sister's beanie for forever an a day and second, I've gotten into a real slouchy mood. Anyone been seeing a shift in their style lately?

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