Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peplum + Print

Confession: I've worn this outfit more than once and I can't believe I'm only posting about it now. Well now that that is out in the open, let's discuss peplum! Love  it? I do! Talk about a fun and flattering shirt. I even got a traditional Cambodia outfit top in a peplum style (remind me to show you!). The color of this one I got from Cotton On a while back is just perfect and what better way to wear it then with the coolest pair of shorts I have in my closet? Then again, my shorts collection is very petite. Want to give a guess onto where I got them? Kohls. Saaaayy what? Yes, Kohls. My parents are avid shoppers there and though I quite enjoy browsing through their pillows and Vera Wang merchandise, I do look in their clothing section just for kicks. And it was fate for me to find these awesome sauce printed shorts for a deal.

But enough about that, let's talk about how to spend the rest of summer! I've been swimming in my pool practically everyday and Poshmark-ing my way to some back-to-school funds! And, readers of The Deathly Fashion, I had to get this awesome Deathly Hallows inspired ring (not the true title, but to me it is) of course and a skull bracelet. 
Top - Cotton On// Shorts - Kohl's// Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell// Bag - Gift by my BFF// Sunnies - AJ Morgan

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I don't know about you but I find it ironic that during my childhood (and now) I always had the feeling of dreading the first day of school yet I was so excited to plan what I was wearing! The other funny thing is, I actually like school - and looking through Nordstrom's BP Fall Lookbook I believe I can rock as class president and the rebel this year! From preppy silhouettes with a new-not-really-new print this season, Plaid, to straight out simplicity with different textures e.g. denim on denim and leather skirts. School is coming fast for me and for those of you who have started already, what did you wear on the first day of school?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just last the year

 Top - Forever 21// Skirt - made by my beautiful sister// Sandals - Urban Outfitters// Bag - Gifted by my lovely BFF// Watch - Betsey Johnson// Necklace - the swap meet// Sunnies - AJ Morgan via PLNDR

My travels in Cambodia could only last so long and now I'm back in America eating In-N-Out and fried twinkies. This has only led to a very light wallet and a closet of mine that needs some new treats! (Why I joined Poshmark - @TatianaTouch).  Now I totally wish there was much more time during the summer so I could get a job and maybe buy some things on my wish list for back to school, which is coming up too soon. But no, I spend my last month, minus the one week of camping I'll be gone, making bracelets, reading the Hobbit, and obsessing over Degrassi. Oh and having Birdy's songs on replay, can't forget that. (She's freaking awesome). Anyways, I'm pretty sure you've seen pieces of this outfit in my blog before, I just can't believe I've never worn this outfit before. Enjoy the rest of your summer boys and girls!

Oh and here's a picture of me at the OC Fair. I actually won that Hello Kitty! I, for one, am very proud I won a carnival game.

And this is how I keep busy and avoid doing summer homework... lots of me attempting to do crafty stuff.