Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color this, read that.

 Sweater - Thrift// Dress - Nordstrom Rack// Watch - Betesey Johnson// Flats - Jeffrey Campbell// Bag - Teen Vogue// Belt - Urban Outfitters

Finally! I get to wear the orange dress that was sitting in my closet for months. I purchased it last summer and have only worn it twice if I'm correct. It seemed to pair perfectly with the sweater I found at a thrift store in Torrance - amazeballs. It's so comfy and was just the thing for this confusing California weather, I mean seriously it's sunny out but a little cold, then add some wind and a gloomy sky for tomorrow. But I am trying to enjoy the sun while I can (I heard rain is coming my way!) so I am able to show off my newly dyed kool-aid tips, this time in an orange/red hue. The color is very close to the red but I parts of my hair does look like a lighter red!

It's that time of year again - AP testing. Oh the joy! I am looking forward to it being over so I will have time to read all I want to read and do all I want to do. My style.com/print magazine came in today and I am just dying to go through it, but I know that guilt will start to slowly fill me up when I catch a glimpse of my AP review books. My reading list has become so long I will be amazed if I still remember half the books I've been wanting to read. Soon the time will come for reading and purely reading.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Shoulder Appeal

My unprepared 

Shirt - Forever 21// Bag - Teen Vogue// Jeans - Vigoss// Flats - Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, thursday, I gotta get down on thursday! Talk about a fast week! When I got back to school it was such a wake up call to what I was doing during spring break, which was nothing but reading and homework and blogging - you know thaa norms, I'm glad I was back and doing work. Sadly I didn't realize that my excitement for returning to school would be cut short due to two practice exam sessions and a lockdown. Le sigh, I guess I should just drop out and stay on Pottermore for the rest of my life - AurorAvis9558 if anyone wants to add me. 

I had just recently bought this shirt from Forever 21, one of my first purchases from the store - I'm not a normal there so it was quite a new experience. I'm not even sure if cold-shoulders are still in, but I adore the color and the flowy-ness dress esque type thing going on plus it goes great with the bag I got from Teen Vogue (Free stuff FTW!!!). Just leave it to me to surprise you when I wear jeans, but everyone has their days. They also have horrible hair days like mine - excuse the fly aways and ect. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The F Word

Floral, you got it right! 
Tavi Gevinson by Tommy Ton

I know, 'Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!' but hey it's a classic print that screams so loud during the this time of year and can be incorporated within other seasons as well, you gotta love it - really you do. And seriously, these H&M pants have been on every blog I've laid my eyes on in the past month or so, it's amazing. It gives me one of those moments where I just stop and realize how great fashion is, I mean all of these girls can have the exact same bold printed floral pants and they can make it their own - kinda like when Harry stops and realizes how great magic really is and how lucky he is to be in that kind of world. Okay, okay enough with that, let's get down to business! These amazeball floral head pieces - I first saw them on Tavi at the Rodarte show this past fashion week and then it popped up again somewhere for my eyes to see (I seriously don't remember where this is from) in the other picture. Just love those pieces that can totally change the outfit into something 10x more visually appealing or mysterious. 

1. H&M floral top
2. H&M floral pants
3. Topshop floral tank
4. Garden Grows headband from Modcloth
5. ALDO Rise GIFFEE heel
6. La Vie en Rosebud dress from Modcloth
7. Daisy Elastic headband from Forever 21

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring-ing in the new trends

Spring 2012 - Trends I Love

Like my play on words? Yes? No? Okay... well these are my favorite trends for spring - especially the wedged sneaks and brights! Happy Easter!
*Click on board for details

Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh, just teenage stuff - I guess

 Dress - Cotton On// Sweater - Nordstrom Rack// Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Thumb and Ringer Finger: China Glaze High Hopes// Index, Middle, and Pinky: Sally Hansen Mint Sprint under China Glaze Luxe and Lush

DV by Dolce Vita sandals

I've been sucked in to a pool of things I can't explain: one on how much work I've had this week and another on how much sleep I've been lacking. - I had a mock trial this week for my AP Lang class and, of course, my team won, probably the highlight of this crazy week. It sucks when it's that one final week before a break off from school and it's probably thing longest week that will ever happen in your life. I've also been sucked into the pool of One Direction (please forgive me, iPod, for those many times I've repeated What Makes You Beautiful) but to make up for it, I've been torturing myself with the amazing Hunger Games soundtrack - I'm telling you it is beyond the words and does such an immaculate job on touching every feeling within the books. By the way, don't you love the bright colors this season? I think it's the best yet - I can even add more with my Nike Free Run 3+s that are on their way! I've been incorporating it onto my nails lately with a touch of one of the Hunger Games (I know, I'll shut up about that now) nail polishes from China Glaze, it's a fun sparkly and flake type top coat and I'm in love with it! 

And this is what's up:
(from left to right)
1.What I'm reading right now:  The Scorch Trials - James Dashner
2.What I'm listening to right now: Rules - Jaymee Dee
3.What I'm want right now: ASOS Paisley Squares Blazer