Saturday, May 19, 2012

To the finish line

Top - Forever 21// Blazer - Forever 21// Skirt - Nordstrom// Shoes - Jack Purcells// Backpack - ASOS

So lately, I've been wearing my Jack Purcells, like seriously I wear them with everything right now. The sneaker phase has hit me! I now want a pair of perfect pink sneakers (It only seems fair). And it's made sense I've been wearing my Jacks due to AP testing, which I'm finally done with! Horrayyyyyyyy! *throws party by myself* Now I can focus on the things I want to, like finally reading my mag, catching up with my some 200 unread blog posts on my bloglovin homepage and finding a great pair of shorts for the summer that aren't too short but aren't too long. 32 days until school ends and 41 until Cambodia. I am so ready for summer to come! I'm almost there! 


  1. im in love with that backpack

    its so cute and bright
    check out my blog


  2. I love this skirt, such nice colours x

  3. Love the colors of your outfit :)

  4. simple and cool style! love it<3

  5. love this casual look, nice outfit


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