Saturday, May 12, 2012


Tank - TopShop// Skirt - BB Dakota// Jacket - Abercrombie Kids// Shoes - Jack Purcells// Backpack - ASOS

This month, May, is what I'm going to call Seriously-We-Have-All-This-Freaking-Testing Month. Seriously. If you are in high school then you probably know that AP testing is upon us and as I just finished my AP U.S. History and Environmental Science test I also had to do California Standardize testing. Great. With 3 hours of sitting and testing I've been wear my Jack Purcells and super comfy loose items to school. And even though testing means that school is almost over, it really didn't stop me from getting a new backpack. I'm seriously in love with neon and pink so neon + pink + backpack = must have. My other backpack needed to be replaced and I finally did it. *Plays graduation music*  And I finally found the perfect skull print top - I've been looking for one since Project Runway season with Mondo where he made that amazing skull print dress, yeah that one - so it finally happened as well! *play more graduation music*

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  1. I'm in love with your backpack! That touch of neon is just the right amount and it adds such an amazing vibe to the rest of the look.

    Puck |


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