Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shoe Sunday

Just adding to my long list of shoes I want in a fun segment! These would seriously be all I needed this spring and summer. (I know, not even any sandals - I've never been that big of a fan oddly enough) And of course I had to have the Chloe studded boots in there, they are amazing! The pattern that it makes it the studs, perfect height and shape of the heel, and gold accents that aren't overdone - die! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

To the finish line

Top - Forever 21// Blazer - Forever 21// Skirt - Nordstrom// Shoes - Jack Purcells// Backpack - ASOS

So lately, I've been wearing my Jack Purcells, like seriously I wear them with everything right now. The sneaker phase has hit me! I now want a pair of perfect pink sneakers (It only seems fair). And it's made sense I've been wearing my Jacks due to AP testing, which I'm finally done with! Horrayyyyyyyy! *throws party by myself* Now I can focus on the things I want to, like finally reading my mag, catching up with my some 200 unread blog posts on my bloglovin homepage and finding a great pair of shorts for the summer that aren't too short but aren't too long. 32 days until school ends and 41 until Cambodia. I am so ready for summer to come! I'm almost there! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Tank - TopShop// Skirt - BB Dakota// Jacket - Abercrombie Kids// Shoes - Jack Purcells// Backpack - ASOS

This month, May, is what I'm going to call Seriously-We-Have-All-This-Freaking-Testing Month. Seriously. If you are in high school then you probably know that AP testing is upon us and as I just finished my AP U.S. History and Environmental Science test I also had to do California Standardize testing. Great. With 3 hours of sitting and testing I've been wear my Jack Purcells and super comfy loose items to school. And even though testing means that school is almost over, it really didn't stop me from getting a new backpack. I'm seriously in love with neon and pink so neon + pink + backpack = must have. My other backpack needed to be replaced and I finally did it. *Plays graduation music*  And I finally found the perfect skull print top - I've been looking for one since Project Runway season with Mondo where he made that amazing skull print dress, yeah that one - so it finally happened as well! *play more graduation music*

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Take everything you know about that hip, cool girl style and give it an even cooler edge with this season's comfy trend: sneakers. These are a classic, of course, but it has been, now more than ever, seen on the streets. Why does it work so well? Is it the fact that the elegance and edge of your dress compliments the worn out and comfortable look of the sneakers? Whatever it is, it just works. And it gets better: the wedged sneaker, may I add, the hidden wedge which gives the modern day women a sleek, sophisticated, yet not to casual look, just perfect kind of like the Powerpuff Girls (did that even make sense?) . These babies have been around for a while and if you haven't seen a pair of the Isabel Marant Willows - I just can't help ya there pal. But I am in love this and have been inspired to take my Jack Purcells out of the closet and even purchase a new pair of sneaks soon! Overall: Risk it and switch your preppy flats and heels for a sneaker alternative. 

Here's my take on the trend. (Mostly channeling Miss Man Repeller herself)

1. Jeffrey Campbell Venice High wedged sneaker
2. Christopher Kane for J Brand denim jacket
3. Cotton On Kaisy Contrast dress
4. Converse All Stars high top sneakers
5. TopShop Aztex Arrow Foil vest
6. Modcloth All Hands on Set-list bag
7. Just Acces cuff