Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Shoulder Appeal

My unprepared 

Shirt - Forever 21// Bag - Teen Vogue// Jeans - Vigoss// Flats - Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, thursday, I gotta get down on thursday! Talk about a fast week! When I got back to school it was such a wake up call to what I was doing during spring break, which was nothing but reading and homework and blogging - you know thaa norms, I'm glad I was back and doing work. Sadly I didn't realize that my excitement for returning to school would be cut short due to two practice exam sessions and a lockdown. Le sigh, I guess I should just drop out and stay on Pottermore for the rest of my life - AurorAvis9558 if anyone wants to add me. 

I had just recently bought this shirt from Forever 21, one of my first purchases from the store - I'm not a normal there so it was quite a new experience. I'm not even sure if cold-shoulders are still in, but I adore the color and the flowy-ness dress esque type thing going on plus it goes great with the bag I got from Teen Vogue (Free stuff FTW!!!). Just leave it to me to surprise you when I wear jeans, but everyone has their days. They also have horrible hair days like mine - excuse the fly aways and ect. 

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  1. I love this top. very unique


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