Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The F Word

Floral, you got it right! 
Tavi Gevinson by Tommy Ton

I know, 'Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!' but hey it's a classic print that screams so loud during the this time of year and can be incorporated within other seasons as well, you gotta love it - really you do. And seriously, these H&M pants have been on every blog I've laid my eyes on in the past month or so, it's amazing. It gives me one of those moments where I just stop and realize how great fashion is, I mean all of these girls can have the exact same bold printed floral pants and they can make it their own - kinda like when Harry stops and realizes how great magic really is and how lucky he is to be in that kind of world. Okay, okay enough with that, let's get down to business! These amazeball floral head pieces - I first saw them on Tavi at the Rodarte show this past fashion week and then it popped up again somewhere for my eyes to see (I seriously don't remember where this is from) in the other picture. Just love those pieces that can totally change the outfit into something 10x more visually appealing or mysterious. 

1. H&M floral top
2. H&M floral pants
3. Topshop floral tank
4. Garden Grows headband from Modcloth
5. ALDO Rise GIFFEE heel
6. La Vie en Rosebud dress from Modcloth
7. Daisy Elastic headband from Forever 21


  1. I adore florals, especially in blouses and those H&M pants, they just look so chic and perfect for the spring/summer <3


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