Friday, September 30, 2011


 Dress - Made by my lovely sister // Shirt - American Eagle // Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell // Bag - Goodwill // Watch - Betsey Johnson

Sweater - Dad got it for me for Xmas // Shorts - Forever 21 // Boots - Dolce Vita // Tights - Vera Wang for Kohls // Necklace - Swap Meet

School has taken over my life! Not only do I have to do homework for 3 APs but I've also been sick this week which has pushed me back a lot! And on top of that I have to plan a Sweet 16 in a month. The only things done are dress and invites at the moment...scary! But it's going to be fun! Loved the weather today... it sprinkled a bit then a rainbow came out. Awesomeness. Quick post! Enjoy the fall!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Cape Town

So I'm feeling pretty on top this week, then again it's only Monday but I think it's a good start! Hoping it was going to be chilly weather today I took out my poncho I found at a swap meet which happened to be from Nordstrom made in Italy, and I got it for $7. Amazeballs right? There is a booth there that basically takes things that didn't sell at Nordstroms and that were thrown out and sell them there, I also got my pants that I'm wearing there for $10 and nothing wrong with them at all! And I know what you might be thinking... designer stuff at swap meet?  There are the booths where you can just tell it's fake but this is a legit booth, they don't yell out brand names to lure you in, they just yell "Good Price, good price!" True story. I even found a wrecked up Tory Burch dress in the bunch. Aside from that I really need to read my history lesson for tonight. Enjoy!

Shirt - American Eagle// Poncho - Nordstrom// Belt - Goodwill// Pants - Current/Elliott// Shoes - Steve Madden

Halo, halo - I'm not saying Hi.

So yesterday I went to go see Cody Simpson at the Block of Orange and boy was it crazy! Not only am I 200% more afraid of girls my own age but I was a victim of a crazy fangirl who shoved and pushed. I did have lots of fun though, jammin out to his songs, might I add he is very very very cute in person. It was hot, I got sunburned, and blisters on my feet. Overall it was a interesting experience that could have been even more worth it, not that seeing him sing live wasn't, but I wanted to stay in line for the meet and greet which sadly didn't fit into mine and my sister's already tight schedule, dang homework! But no worries, I got to see him live and it was fun! Now back to reality where hopefully I don't run into crazy fangirls anymore.

T-Shirt - Victoria's Secret// Skirt - Made  by my sister// Belt - Goodwill// Shoes - Steve Madden

Have a great week!

P.S. Sorry there aren't any pictures of the show! I feel like if I take pictures and record I'm more preoccupied with that then actually embracing the performance in the flesh.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is here!

YAY! So sorry for lack of posts, I've been focusing on school but I've found time to post a few pics of what I wore to school. I was so happy I could pull out a sweater and not worry I'll sweat bullets during the day, it was even starting to drizzle! So ready for fall weather! I bought this sweater via PLNDR during the summer and I could not wait to wear it! In love with the gold.

Sweater - MinkPink//Jeans - Vigoss//Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy School Year!

So today I got my Roxy backpack in the mail. Sadly they don't sell it anymore but I was lucky to get it on sale before they took it off their site and I seriously can't wait to use it for school. I am in love with the studs and the whole entire style of it.



Since school is going to start I have let go of facebook, twitter, and tumblr. I'm going to be focused on school and occasionally post on my blog. I'll be spending lots and lots of time at my desk which I 'newly' have decorated with pics of inspiration and there is still more to come!


Have a great school year everyone!

Runway Look for Less! Gucci S/S RTW 2011

So one of my favorite RTW collections from S/S was Gucci. The collections dresses went straight from the runway onto countless magazine covers and if you're like me and just dream of wearing one of those pieces with the big tassel belt, well look no further! What is the most appropriate and best excuse to wear something inspired by one of your favorite designers coming up? (I wish I can say the Emmys!) Homecoming! Get the runway look above without breaking the bank? Uh yes please!
Speechless Colorblock Strapless Dress from Nordstrom

Pritti Barely There Sandals from Topshop