Monday, September 19, 2011

Halo, halo - I'm not saying Hi.

So yesterday I went to go see Cody Simpson at the Block of Orange and boy was it crazy! Not only am I 200% more afraid of girls my own age but I was a victim of a crazy fangirl who shoved and pushed. I did have lots of fun though, jammin out to his songs, might I add he is very very very cute in person. It was hot, I got sunburned, and blisters on my feet. Overall it was a interesting experience that could have been even more worth it, not that seeing him sing live wasn't, but I wanted to stay in line for the meet and greet which sadly didn't fit into mine and my sister's already tight schedule, dang homework! But no worries, I got to see him live and it was fun! Now back to reality where hopefully I don't run into crazy fangirls anymore.

T-Shirt - Victoria's Secret// Skirt - Made  by my sister// Belt - Goodwill// Shoes - Steve Madden

Have a great week!

P.S. Sorry there aren't any pictures of the show! I feel like if I take pictures and record I'm more preoccupied with that then actually embracing the performance in the flesh.

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