Monday, September 19, 2011

Cape Town

So I'm feeling pretty on top this week, then again it's only Monday but I think it's a good start! Hoping it was going to be chilly weather today I took out my poncho I found at a swap meet which happened to be from Nordstrom made in Italy, and I got it for $7. Amazeballs right? There is a booth there that basically takes things that didn't sell at Nordstroms and that were thrown out and sell them there, I also got my pants that I'm wearing there for $10 and nothing wrong with them at all! And I know what you might be thinking... designer stuff at swap meet?  There are the booths where you can just tell it's fake but this is a legit booth, they don't yell out brand names to lure you in, they just yell "Good Price, good price!" True story. I even found a wrecked up Tory Burch dress in the bunch. Aside from that I really need to read my history lesson for tonight. Enjoy!

Shirt - American Eagle// Poncho - Nordstrom// Belt - Goodwill// Pants - Current/Elliott// Shoes - Steve Madden

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