Saturday, August 20, 2011

Get it for less: Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

Katie Holmes
Rumi Neely - Fashiontoast

For so long I've just been admiring the Isabel Marant Dicker boots as seen on both Rumi Neely and Katie holmes and other bloggers countless times! They haunt me. A perfect heel on a western inspired ankle boot... how can you not love it! Since it is mostly sold out everywhere on the planet I have found a solution that will even save you some dollar bills.

Dolce Vita Jamison Bootie - $119 on
(Both in black and taupe)


  1. I love these boots and have always wanted to find a cheaper alternative..these dolce vita ones are perfect!

  2. love them so much! and much cheaper. thanks for the tip :)

  3. Those boots are so hot right now! I really want a pair for fall!

  4. They have just the right heel and style. Good alternative if you cant get the real thing!
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  5. I love that, but I'm trying to be realistic, I don't think I suit myself using that shoes.

  6. This is great! They are also having boots that look so alike on sale at Zara xx

  7. love these booties! if you want to you can enter my giveaway, you can win a KO YSL Arty ring! :)

  8. Love this style! The Dolce Vita version is so cute!


  9. I'm obsessed with these shoes!

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